Young Solutions offers mediation, both for relationship based problem solving, and when separation and divorce are inevitable.

It's painful to watch families spend thousands of dollars and watch families torn to shreds doing battle in divorce court. Mediation helps divorcing families save their money and their sanity. It's a process that takes a fraction of the time, money and heartache of traditional divorce.

Mediation is a voluntary and consensual process where a neutral person, skilled in conflict management, can help a couple involved in a separation or divorce process, to negotiate the various hurdles to create a separation agreement, and/or to create a parenting plan to ensure the children are well cared for.

DIVORCE CAN BE THE BEGINNING OF A BETTER LIFE Young Solutions believes that mediation is the right choice when a marriage ends. Mediation helps address the major life decisions that now need to be made. Mediation through Young Solutions can help reduce your fears of financial loss, worries about what will happen to the children, and the fear that the separation or divorce will devastate your life. It doesn't have to be that way. Divorce can be the beginning of a better life not only for you, but for your children too!

For mediation to be effective, it requires the mediator to have specialized training in the managing of conflict so as to address the underlying significant interests that each party bring to the mediation. Young Solutions has specialized training, from one of the pioneers in the field, Paul also has 30 years of extensive experience with helping families to work through problems to move forward successfully, always ensuring the best interest of any children is kept in the forefront.

    Our Mediation Fees
    Hourly Rate: $150.00/hour
    24 hour cancellation policy